New DJ mix for ya!

Here's a free 30 minute track for you. It's like being at our show, but you can be in your underwear.

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What was your favorite remix of 2010?

Share your favorite remix and find out ours.

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Beep Beep Boom is going Viral!

We've got a hunch that 3,000 views on YouTube in less than a month is a good sign for our new track "Beep Beep Boom!"

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"Beep Beep Boom" to be featured in new iPhone/iPad game ReRave

We've gotten word that Step Evolution has licensed our choon "Beep Beep Boom" for their new game ReRave. Read on for more details.

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A Brand New Website

Welcome to the brand new! We figured, it's a new era, we've got a crate of new 'choons, and there's a big push coming for our upcoming release "Beep Beep Boom" featuring Melakai. So, we redesigned our site. We do that. Stay tune...

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