DJs & Airwaves love that sound of the “Beep Beep Boom," The Banger Bros. new single is
Ke$ha and Luciana's love child on acid.

Welcome to the latest installment of The Banger Bros's success! The renowned DJs/producers Scott Binder & Nathan Heal are once again displaying their muscle and combining forces with illustrious talent to create nirvana in Beep Beep Boom, a truly unstoppable single.  Golden Needle's New York boys know how to keep the hits coming.  This massive release is coming with 4 incredible remixes: SpekrFreks, Urban Assault Dubstep, Chrizz Luvly and the very special Jean Claude Ades remix.  Jean Claude Ades has already gained much success with the hit singles 'I Begin to Wonder' and 'Nighttime' just to name a few.

Seattle based and powerhouse vocalist Mel Akai delivers a swift one-two punch to amp your energy and set an additional electric scene for the single. Her sexy voice is unrivaled!  

The Banger Bros have taken great care and crafted Beep Beep Boom into a phenomenal, solid single release of distinction.


DJ Felix, UK (Pacha): (Original) “Original is definitely the best version & will work well in my sets.”

Lazy Rich: (Chrizz Luvly Remix) “The Chrizz Luvly Remix KICKS ASS! Will be playing it on my radio show this month for sure!”

Mathew Chandler: (Jean Claude Ades Remix) “Ades provides a winning mix here! Quality!!”

Dave Atkinson: (SpekrFreks Remix) “This is going to destroy the dancefloor!!!”

Graham Clark/Maximum FM “Sleazy track, it sounds like Sam Obermik from the Tim Deluxe tracks on vocals.”

Matt Rose/Ambersound FM “WOW this is HUGE, I love this track and I am going to hammer it during peak time in all my club sets. I am alsogoing to promote this on my radio show. TUNE.”

Charles Taylor/ KCC Liverpool/UK “Another hottie! Sounding good throughout with some good vocals and a great electro backing too.”

DJ Nelly B/RMFM 87.8/ “Taking Ke$has ‘Tik-Tok’ just to another room and giving it some other treatments, and we have a supercharged version capable of that 0-60 in a slightly quicker time.”